How to prepare for home remodeling

by Tina Broyles, DRE 01009212 & NMLS 91630 11/19/2023

Home remodeling can be a stressful and complicated experience. Many homeowners want to remodel to increase property value, boost square footage and enhance the quality of their living space, but are hesitant due to anxiety over logistics and possible mistakes.

However, with the right preparation, you can save time and ease the pressure of even the largest home remodeling endeavors. If you’re worried about being ready for your next home remodeling project, here are some expert tips to help you prepare:

Make a list

There are a few important reasons making a list of your permanent belongings is crucial to preparing for a major home remodeling project. Making note of your belongings and their values is important for insurance purposes, and will help you mitigate the costs in case something is lost or damaged.

Listing items can also help you organize them before home remodeling, especially if you need to store them somewhere temporarily. Since most storage units are priced by the square foot, knowing exactly how much room you’ll need for storage prevents you from losing money on too large or small of a space.

Clear out consumables

If a kitchen upgrade is part of your home remodeling plan, try to reduce the amount of food and drink items you’ll need to pack away. Challenge yourself to eat or cook everything in your freezer, for example, or clean out perishable items in your kitchen cabinets. It will be easier to work with fewer items, and you can help prevent food waste at the same time.

Home renovation ideas involving bathrooms can also benefit from this strategy. Consolidating personal care items before a home remodel will create more space and even mitigate costs of replacing lost or damaged items.

Check your security

Unfortunately, a work-in-progress remodel can leave your home vulnerable to theft or damage. Some ways to keep you and your belongings safe while your home is a construction site include adding smart locks with timers, installing video doorbells and storing your most important items in a safe.

Many home remodeling ideas require one or more professional third parties to access your home. Clarify insurance options and policies with contractors, interior designers and delivery people to make sure your project is as secure as possible. Not only will these methods make a big difference in protecting your home during the renovation, they will continue to benefit you once it’s finished.

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